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Author: Michael Peck, Created on: Apr 2, 2008 1:51 AM
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Hello sister… we were led by the Holy Spirit to write this book, 7 Days to Happily Ever After, for you… and for what it can do for your relationship with your beloved. We Pray that you both may find the joy and blessings that a Christ centered relationship can bring. No, this is not for him to read… this is for your eyes only. This is ‘Top Secret’ stuff that has not been fully revealed until now.

This is ‘THE’ how to book that will give you the answers, tips and tricks on how to practically insure that the object of your affection, hereafter called: your 'Royal Prince', will be yours till death do you part. We promise there is not going to be any graphic sexual passages, descriptions or x-rated discussions. This book has been written for all females of all ages, past puberty, that want to learn how to have a mature, Godly relationship with their hearts’ desire.

The number of potentially deadly hazards to your relationship is astounding...it makes you wonder why people even try anymore. Well cheer up...for those of us who DO try, the good news is that most those horrid hazards that can ruin your relationship are completely preventable! The top five most particularly nasty ones are 100% avoidable, and often repairable, as you will see.

The number of potentially beautiful experiences in your relationship is also astounding...it makes you wonder why so many people don’t try harder. Seven very positive actions can change your relationship from ‘ho hum’ to ‘WOW’, attested to by family, friends and our devoted readers, as you will soon become.

By the end of this book you will learn why people, just like you, are still trying and you will no longer wonder why so many people don’t try harder. If the hardest part is putting your relationship in Gods hands and following his word, then try to imagine the blessings, pressed down and flowing over, that you can claim. Those claims can be yours if you will be willing to work on you, not him, and gain the tools needed to find 7 Days to Happily Ever After.

Learn what you really want in a marriage partner, how the two becomes one, staying on his mind, planning your goals together, anger management, budgeting and finances, fighting fair, being his hearts desire, pillow talk, open communication, Puppy Love actions, the 5 types of love, being a modern Proverbial Wife, accepting him as he is, assignment sections with prayers and scriptures, a years worth of budget sheets, an Affirmation of Love Certificate, and so much more!

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