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Thursday, Apr 17

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First Assembly Of God Church

3340 S 16th St    
Chickasha, OK     73018

This is my church - assign me as the owner

Denomination:   Assembly of God

Phone: (405) 222-0313   Fax: n/a

Church Web Site:   n/a

Average Attendance: n/a

Driving Directions : n/a

Major Cross Streets: n/a

Email Contacts:

Local Ministries:  
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7/26/05 christopher butts
The pastor stopped his sermon to tell the deaf interpretor (for our son) to quite us down. However, not being deaf, we knew we were not making much noise. We weren't causing any problems. He made the choice to point us out. He never apologized, nor does he realize that he is lacking in pastoral leadership skills. However, in reality, that doesn't excuse his actions.
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